The Story of CBD Furniture

The key to success is service. The best service depends on the best quality.  We strive to create the highest quality products to pair with our high level of service.

These were the words of CBD Furniture founder Mr. Cao to his original team of 30 factory employees.  These words rang true then as they continue to today.

The CBD Furniture Customer First Policy was founded on this and continues to make sure we only provide quality products to go with our quality service.

Now with over 2,000 franchises world wide, CBD Furniture brings innovation to form and function making us the envy of most modern furniture manufacturers and retailers.

The success of us depends on great service, design and excellent craft. 

This paired with chic, practical and contemporary design gives our customers what they need, quality function with exquisite form.

As we grow into the North American market we hope you explore what we have to offer.

Beautiful Italian design coupled with decades of quality furniture manufacturing.  All to bring you a touch of Asia and Europe into your home at affordable pricing.

Look for a CBD Furniture store near you and see what countless customers world wide have benefitted from.

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